The Benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric Oxide

The muscle-building benefits of nitric oxide (NO) cannot be understated. Providing a powerful, potent source of quick energy, nitric oxide supplements are important for getting the most out of each and every one of your workouts. Increased glucose usage, muscle pumping capability, and overall endurance and stamina are just some of the major benefits of nitric oxide, also known as “NO” among athletes and bodybuilders.

Nitric oxide supplements are quickly gaining ground in the fitness community, and are a great way both to enhance workout quality and to achieve better, strong muscle pumps.

How Nitric Oxide Works

In the body, there are certain key chemicals flowing around that help you get enough energy for vigorous physical activities. One of these chemicals is nitric oxide, which widens blood vessels, enhances blood flow, and prevents the buildup of waste and toxins that lead to fatigue.

Acting at the cellular level, nitric oxide basically goes straight to your muscles to help get more blood flowing, improve endurance and stamina, and help use glucose and fat that are already stored in your system. For this reason, it is considered one of the most powerful exercise-enhancement supplements that is also completely natural, as it already occurs within the body.

Increased Glucose Utilization

Nitric oxide supplants have been shown in a number of muscle-building studies to provide better glucose usage by your body. In one metabolic-based panel, it was found that NO supplementing athletes were better able to use glucose as a source of fuel. As a result of this, they were able to work out harder and longer than those who didn’t supplement.

Increased Fat Burning

Another major benefit of nitric oxide is that it helps the body use up fat sources as a major way to get fuel to your muscles. The same study that proved glucose enhancement also found that fatty acids were used more readily in athletes who supplemented NO than those who didn’t.

Better Recovery After Exercise

Unlike those who didn’t supplement with nitric oxide, users of the product were found to have enhanced recovery thanks to the oxygenation benefits of NO. Numerous research studies have shown that nitric oxide increases blood flow throughout the muscles, letting the body relax more quickly and get oxygen back to damaged muscle fibers. Without enough nutrients such as protein, amino acids, and of course, oxygen, your body can’t adequately repair.

Even if you’re lifting more weight in the gym, you won’t see muscle gains without enough nitric oxide to help recover faster. Additionally, having faster recovery rates will allow you to work out more frequently — and thus see better lean muscle mass gains overall.

Better Stamina and Endurance

Many athletes who have tried nitric oxide supplements see huge gains in terms of endurance and stamina. If you are doing any kind of intense training, whether it be biking, running, lifting weights, or playing sports, you’ll find that running out of steam can be a big problem.

Supplementing with NO can be one of the most important ways of combating fatigue, which is one of the worst plagues for many workout warriors. Even though it is often found to be a supplement for those who need to do cardio-based activities, it is also extremely helpful for bodybuilders, weight lifters, and anyone who needs massive amounts of stamina and endurance.

Enhanced Muscle Pumps

Some supplements promise to help provide better muscle pumps, but fail to deliver. The bottom line when it comes to muscle pumps is that you need massive amounts of oxygen to adequately provide blood to each of your muscle tissues. Unlike other supplements, which promise results but don’t have the right combination of ingredient, nitric oxide supplements help to give you that extra boost you need in your tricep and bicep-based lifting sessions.

Muscle pumps require huge amounts of blood flowing to each and every one of your muscles, meaning that nitric oxide can really help.


As a muscle-building supplement, nitric oxide is one of the most powerful ways to get better workout quality in a very short period of time. Providing better blood flow, oxygenation, and enhanced endurance and stamina, nitric oxide supplements can be found online or at local fitness stores in your area.

Providing you choose a clean brand that does not add fillers or chemicals, you can be sure that you’re giving your body one of the best sources of energy available.